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This site is designed to showcase my experiments with Home Automation. I've been playing with HomeAuto since grade school when my father bought some X10 devices from Radio Shack. More recently I've used the TW523 and firecracker interfaces and cron jobs as an alarm clock.

Babylon 5 is responsible for my latest foray into Home Automation. I've decided I want to be able to walk into a room, say "Computer: Lights", and it be done. See the Use Cases for more ideas of what I want this system to do.

31-Aug-2003 Moved to better hosting on a Linux VPS with VPSDime
06-Aug-2003 Fixed up the website. Put documentation online.
12-Jul-2003 Got laid off by Equifax ; decided to take the oppertunity to get this thing going.
I'm very close to releasing a system for Lighting and X10 stuff.
12-Jul-2001 ALE Talk notes are available here in StarOffice format.
09-Apr-2001 Started putting the site online

Investors: If anyone wants to fund my experimentation into commercial uses for home automation, please drop me a line at: chris_dash_homeauto_at_room17_dot_com (Address protected for spam reasons).

Questions or comments should be sent to: Chris Farris chris at room17 dot com
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